Friday, September 25, 2009

Change the blog name

I have decided to change the name of my blog to the name of our property "Absent Jack Acres". I think I will feel more willing to share more information about out little acreage and all the joy that the animals bring to our daily lives.

Thank You for following along from time to time and I hope that in the future this is something I will enjoy doing every week or so.



2009 is nearly over

We were blessed to find wonderful homes for all of our kids in 2009.
Thank You to all of you that came to our place to visit and those that gave terrific homes to our little pygmy kids.

This year was not without tragidies as three of the kids fell ill to unknown causes and passed away, they were truly loved and will be missed after their short time on this earth. Sometimes we can do all the right things in the world and still have everything go wrong.

Back by popular demand will be Finnigan, our lead buck from last year. We have leased him back for the season to cover 8 or9 selected does and we will also be using Gunner for 5 of our does since he is family to most of the girls we have he will be around for only one season and he will be up for sale.

Be well, take care and I look forward to sharing kidding season 2010 with you.