Saturday, February 20, 2010

More Snow has fallen

Once again we can only be patient and wait for the Black, Gray and White of winter to set us free. Many of my fellow goat friends are running low on feed and on the edge of our seats as we all are expecting goat-kids and lambs to begin to arrive soon. Some have already begun to place hooves on the ground. but mother nature is not going to make it easy on any of us this year it seems.

Facing another overcast cold day we will be placing the second round bale of hay in with our Navajo flock and hope that they will make it three weeks as they did with the last one. We have decided to do the same for the Doe's in hopes to keep a few of the small bales on hand for feeding while mothers are in bonding pens when the time arrives. Glenn and I will set them this afternoon and mark the calender.

The cows are beginning to show their size as it seems that Fozzy has successfully covered the girls and we should have three calves at least this year. I anticipate that the first one will be born some time next month if I my observations were correct. Photo's will be forth coming.

Our web page is coming along slowly but it takes a lot of time and patients to build and with out a hand book to know exactly what I am doing so far I have not crashed the entire thing or foolishly deleted it.

Look in on us from time to time, once the mountains of snow recede we will be able to proceed with our on going fence project, moving of the buildings plans and advertising all the babies we will have for sale this year.

Monday, February 15, 2010

New Web page for our Pygmy Goats & Navajo Churro Sheep

It had been a couple of weeks now since I started to build our web site Absent Jack Acres . The plan is to show off and display our Pygmy Goat kids and Navajo Churro lambs that will be arriving in the spring; all of which will be up for sale as they become of age.

The experience has been frustrating, challenging, patient stretching all in one and I am hoping that all of my time spent to build it will help us share with others the joy of owning and raising these incredible creatures.

Along with the Pygmy kids & Navajo lambs, we will have Highland calves and colorful guinea keets for sale as well.

I have included my sisters talent for making beautiful afghans, hot pads and table pads as well of a few pieces of equipment designed by Glenn and I for the animals and even an art page just for me. More to come as I add pieces bit by bit.

Please sign up as a member to my new site; you will receive updates as I make changes to the site and ask that you "Pass it around".

God Bless all of you,

Absent Jack Acres
Bellwood, NE.

Sunday, February 7, 2010

Winter Whoas & Spring Hopes

Winter has taken it's toll on all of us and te animals have suffered the brunt of the cold more then we have. But good conditioning, sound feed program and proper shelter has supported our efforts and we are now on our way to spring.

I have started a eb page and as some of you may notice, there will be a bit or repeat performances to this page and that. As well as information that I share from time to time on myface book page will be here and there until I figure out what is going to work the best for us.

We sold Tut this last week; the plans to aquire new blood is in the works and once we located the new "King" we will announce it here or on the web page.

Please be patient as these sites will take time to put together.