Monday, February 15, 2010

New Web page for our Pygmy Goats & Navajo Churro Sheep

It had been a couple of weeks now since I started to build our web site Absent Jack Acres . The plan is to show off and display our Pygmy Goat kids and Navajo Churro lambs that will be arriving in the spring; all of which will be up for sale as they become of age.

The experience has been frustrating, challenging, patient stretching all in one and I am hoping that all of my time spent to build it will help us share with others the joy of owning and raising these incredible creatures.

Along with the Pygmy kids & Navajo lambs, we will have Highland calves and colorful guinea keets for sale as well.

I have included my sisters talent for making beautiful afghans, hot pads and table pads as well of a few pieces of equipment designed by Glenn and I for the animals and even an art page just for me. More to come as I add pieces bit by bit.

Please sign up as a member to my new site; you will receive updates as I make changes to the site and ask that you "Pass it around".

God Bless all of you,

Absent Jack Acres
Bellwood, NE.

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