Sunday, October 31, 2010

Vine Wreaths & Holiday Craft items

My craft making ideas don't appeal to everyone but some folks out there think that I do some nice work.


This dazzling white bird cage is loaded with silver, gold and glittery red pine cones and accented with a beautiful Christmas ribbon that pulls it all together. A short stand of red rights will be added to make this lovely table decoration brighten any corner for the Holiday season.

All natural Wild vine wreaths are fun and easy to do. Decorated with native plants and grasses can create a great conversation piece either indoors or outdoors.

This wild vine includes a milk weed bloom and wild tufts. It has been sprayed with polyurithane that will allow it to hold it color longer.

More native tufts and pinecones addorn this oval wreath complete with a handful of pine cones and a rustic bird house. Very soothing and pleasing to look at.

This odd shaped wild vine has three spregs of grass frawn and a home made nest complete with feathers. Now to find a small bird to perch near the nest to give it the real outdoor feel in your home.

I like this rustic piece I call "Window to the World" wall hanging; made from an old window frame out of the farm house and decorated with only a few items as an accent.

Wild grape and Ivy vine wreaths are my main contribution to the craft show and sale this coming November, some will be more simple then others like this one with a few Pine Cones to make a simple design for any fence, gate or wall.

This wild vine wreath has just a little more color with a matching bird house and heart with a yellow dangling star to give your eye just a little more to enjoy.

Not quite round and not quick heart shaped; this wild vine wreath touches my heart with to colorful hearts and a small cluster of pine cones; I'm loving the easy feel of this one.

Friday, October 29, 2010

Preparing for a Holiday Craft show

Putting on my creative thinking cap for the up coming November 20th Holiday Gift & Craft show has been fun and challenging at the same time.

I've made a few Newborn Diaper wreaths that look much better in real life; these make great gifts for that expected mother and even more fun when you add a few of your own personal gifts to the wreath.

My home wrapped Wild Vines wreaths will be on the back ground of my booth; displayed on a peg board along with Pine Cone Wreaths and a while variety of of pine cone creation. There is going to be something for everyone.

I have plans to make Feather Bunnies, Bird houses, Feather flowers, if my mini pumpkins hold up they too will find their way onto the wreath display in attractive and fun ways that you will simply have to stop by and see.

Pictures will be coming soon of all the fun stuff I will have for sale. I look forward to sharing them with you.

Saturday, October 23, 2010

Late Fall Already

My head is still spinning from my wonderful trip back home to Oregon. The kids have celebrated their "Month-a-versary" already and they are so happy together; it's a beautiful thing.

Back here in Nebraska; We are gearing up for the winter. I have a feeling that is will prove to be an interesting one. Glenn has stock piled 9 large round bales of hay that we hope will feed the cattle through the snowy cold season and the two barns are loaded but not full of hay for the sheep and goats.

Our budget is strained to the end with the up coming installation of a wood burning stove but we are hoping that this will help off see the cost of heating the house. Goodness knows we have wood to burn. We have cut back on all the extras so far and may have to cut even more. The death of our tractor last year has placed up in a not so good spot after the cost to repair her and now the pick up with the snow blade is also down and out. I don't know what we will do by wait and see.

God Bless this house and all that live with in it's frame and bless those creatures to be healthy and strong in the coming season. My heart felt hope that we all do well and make another winter with minimal needs.