Saturday, January 23, 2010

Pictures of the Navajo's

I thought this was a fairly goot picture of Little Olive (black lamb) Yeti the 6 horned ewe and the rear end of Phylis. The wool is good for rugs and horse blankets but not for clothing as it is course and thick and I can only imagine very scratchy in deed. Not marketable outside the home spinning people.
Tut (as in King Tut) is out breeding ram. I like his blue color yet it really does not show here. He is quiet and gentle and seems to be the guy we hope will produce a few very nice lambs for sale and for the freezer.
We have 7 ewe's to entertain him this year. We will collect the ewe lambs, sell the rams and move to a younger flock in a couple of years by adding a new ram from time to time.
I would still like to register the entire flock. But we will see.

Navajo Churro Sheep

Something that we added to our place this year are the Navajo Chrro sheep.. Not for sure what we will do with them but we do have a couple of orders for ewe lambs at a fair price. they should be a fun thing to have and since we are able to care for them and propigate them we will take a few more steps and see where the path leads us.

Sunday, January 3, 2010

Face Book Addition

I have started a face book page. I hope I did it right and linked the two together. This will be interesting and a very new learning thing for myself and hoepfully Glenn will get involved with me as well.

Obviously the possiblities are endless.

Mark you calendars; kidding season here starts April 21st. We should be lambing then too.