Saturday, January 23, 2010

Pictures of the Navajo's

I thought this was a fairly goot picture of Little Olive (black lamb) Yeti the 6 horned ewe and the rear end of Phylis. The wool is good for rugs and horse blankets but not for clothing as it is course and thick and I can only imagine very scratchy in deed. Not marketable outside the home spinning people.
Tut (as in King Tut) is out breeding ram. I like his blue color yet it really does not show here. He is quiet and gentle and seems to be the guy we hope will produce a few very nice lambs for sale and for the freezer.
We have 7 ewe's to entertain him this year. We will collect the ewe lambs, sell the rams and move to a younger flock in a couple of years by adding a new ram from time to time.
I would still like to register the entire flock. But we will see.

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