Saturday, October 23, 2010

Late Fall Already

My head is still spinning from my wonderful trip back home to Oregon. The kids have celebrated their "Month-a-versary" already and they are so happy together; it's a beautiful thing.

Back here in Nebraska; We are gearing up for the winter. I have a feeling that is will prove to be an interesting one. Glenn has stock piled 9 large round bales of hay that we hope will feed the cattle through the snowy cold season and the two barns are loaded but not full of hay for the sheep and goats.

Our budget is strained to the end with the up coming installation of a wood burning stove but we are hoping that this will help off see the cost of heating the house. Goodness knows we have wood to burn. We have cut back on all the extras so far and may have to cut even more. The death of our tractor last year has placed up in a not so good spot after the cost to repair her and now the pick up with the snow blade is also down and out. I don't know what we will do by wait and see.

God Bless this house and all that live with in it's frame and bless those creatures to be healthy and strong in the coming season. My heart felt hope that we all do well and make another winter with minimal needs.

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