Saturday, May 2, 2009

Sally gave us Click & Clack 4/30

Sally is such a good mother, her labor was long and some what challenging but she made it with a little help Thursday 4/30 around 7:30 pm.

Click B18 (seemingly broken ear) was born first but his leg was knuckled back and we had to make a few adjustments that Sally was not happy about to safely deliver this little guy. After that Clack B19 seeminly fell into the world with very little effort. Once they were under her nose, nothing else mattered and she took it from there with out a grudge. Theses two are marked just like Sally's first boy Striker B4 from 2007 by Bilbo.

We didn't weigh these two either, too late for that now. I guess it's not that important but nice to know what our average weight would be by buck.

I sure hope that Clicks ear comes back up but I have a feeling that it was broken. Only time will tell.
This is a great shot of Glenn with these two boys, as you can see they are not tiny and should finish out beautifully.

Sally's little guy from last year is moving to Marysville, KS. in June. Along with Goldies little red dunn from this year. They will have a great home there.

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