Saturday, March 6, 2010

Spring is In the air

The temps are slowly moving up and the snow has receded quite a bit. Thankfully it has melted slowly and the ground around our place will benefit from all the nitrogen's that the snows always bring.

Our goat kids from last year are having a blast, enjoying the open ground verses the paths between the snow. Racing and jumping. So much fun to watch them be happy.

One of our Highland cows; Lucy is getting close to calving, her udder is showing signs of filling and we think she will be within a week to ten days of calving. A truly exciting time for me as we have never had highland calves due until this year.

So much to bring joy to our lives this years from Pygmy goat kids, a variety of lambs and the calves. We will have a full house soon. The very best part of it all will be that Megan will be here for two full weeks of the activities and she will get a great hands on experience of lambing, kidding and maybe even calving. How Fun!!

I have been working hard on the web page, so much more to do but time is limited and so is my focus sometime.

Out side the window spring is calling and I really have many things to do before summer hits us.

Be well, take care and please keep looking in from time to time on us here or at

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