Sunday, April 18, 2010

2 New Lambs

Miss Cali is our first ewe to lamb this year. She gave us two beautiful ewe lambs, one solid black & one black & white. Glenn named the black & white one IRiS and I called the black one Refund since they we born on April 15th; it only seems appropriate.

Ecks bull calf Fuzz Butt is doing very well, Dusti is thrilled not to be the only calf in the field and the tow race around driving their mothers crazy.

We anticipate that Sammy's group will lamb this week and the Navajo Churro's should start lambing around the same time as the goats begin to kid.
There will be a major baby explosion very soon and as hard as it will be, the sleepless nights and the tanks of fuel that we will burn running back and forth during lunch breaks; it will be behind us soon for yet another year.
We did loose our beloved Candi; she and Sally had fallen ill for unknown reasons, we are awaiting test results from blood work and poo samples as well and the post exam for Candi to see what we are up against.
It appears that we had created a super bug, worms that developed a resistance to the Ivomec and Safegard products we were using. We hope that we have a handle on it now, but time will tell and so will the conditions of the remaining 20 does and well as the sheep.
Interesting that the Navajo Churros were also tested for worms and they had Zero! Not one bug. Amazing in my opinion. They says that the breed is parasite resistant and maybe they are right.
As soon as we have more babies, I will share.

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