Friday, June 18, 2010

Summer's Heat has arrived

The summers heat has arrived in full force.
All of our Pygmy goats have kidded as of mid May and nearly all of them are now spoken for at this time and we are excited for their futures with the families who will be enjoying them.
As you can see our Navajo Churro ewes that we kept from last falls purchase are still heavy with lambs, we now know that none of this year get from the Navajo's will be pure bred Navajo's. At least we will have lambs, but they will be Katahdin cross and should be good for butcher.

It is so good to see them milling around in the field with their heads high and laying out in the grass just enjoying the day and even taking the time to race & play like youngsters like they should.

Our exciting news is more additions. We have recently purchased another small flock of Navajo's who will be coming to Absent Jack Acres in mid July. One ram lamb who we are particularly excited about is a black 4-horned fellow that we are hoping will become our lead ram in the coming years. (photo's will be posted either here or on the web page when they arrive).

All total we will be adding 3 adult ewes, 3 ewe lambs and 2 ram lambs. Mostly bearing a light colored wool, it should give us a nice mix for shearing season.

Something else new is our two Scottish Highland Calves who are now several weeks old and growing fast.
Dusti & Fuzbuttons
Fuzbuttons; the bull calf on the right is up for sale, so if you know anyone who is looking for a full blood bull or grass fed meat for the freezer should contact us as soon as possible.
We are asking $550 or would consider trading for a purebred Highland bull calf to add to our herd.
Until another day - be well take care and I will add another page to this some time soon.

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