Saturday, September 11, 2010

September 11th - I Remember

Where did the summer go? No sooner did it get started then boom it was gone!

Today is September 11 and a day we all need to remember. For those Men & women that lost their lives and for those who have given their lives because of what something unthinkable. Please pray for them and my God send their loved ones a message of hope.

That day it was Kris in the office that took a call from a carrier and repeated out loud that a plane had crashed in New York, we were shocked but soon the situation turned to action when a second tower was hit; much to the bosses dislike Danni & I took off an headed for the Red Cross. Feilding calls and helping start the donation process of blood and money. It was a long day but not nearly as long as it was for those directly involved... My tears flow even today to know that so many good people lost thier lives because of hate.

I won't forget the feelings and I will always remember.

To those serving in the military in defence of those we lost and the fire fighters, police, rescue teams, and just the common Joe that was there directly involved; I know you will never see of read this but from the deepest parts of my soul; I Thank You for being the Hero's.

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