Saturday, September 11, 2010

More Navajo Churro & Less Pygmy's for 2011

As the summer slipped away; so have all the baby goats. This year crop was amazing and in too many ways over whelming. We have decided to cut back on the number of Pygmy Goats this year from 16 to 6.

Yes a dramatic change and I will miss all those babies zipping around the meadow but I will welcome the reduction in the stress department. However as Glenn says "Nature Implores a vacuum". And the vacuum for this situation is sheep.

Yes Sheep! We thought hard about adding any animals at all, but with the current flock of Navajo Churro sheep at 6 ewes, the quest was to locate a pure bred Navajo ram to cover them. Not an easy task for this region as we are finding out but after looking through countless ads from far off places a black ram lamb with 4 horns popped up on an ad. That's it - 380 miles away but that's the guy we want.

Well we did go get him after a long story about vehicle break down and extra expenses, but came back with the entire flock of 9. Which I have dubbed the "Gold Fleece".

This is one of my favorite pictures of the 3 adult ewes and 2 ewelings; taken only a few minutes after they arrived from their long trip. These girls are lovely! Look at the faces.
I was THRILLED to say the least at their condition and the quality of these animals. They are above my expectation since the first group was in such sorry shape, it was another chance purchase that actually turned out great; Thank You Basye family for loving them so much, they have a good future here with us.
Well work is calling, winter is sneaking up on us and so many things need to be done before the snows fly here. So I best get to it.
I'll add something again, it may be a month or two as it was before.

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