Saturday, February 26, 2011

The End of February is here

It is the end of February and the snow has blanket Absent Jack Acres.

Our flock of Navajos are loving the cold and they voluntarily lay out in the open, covered with snow and chewing their cuds like happy little campers. I wish I could get a photo of them in their leisure mode but as soon as I walk outside the front door they get up to see if there are goodies on the way.

Our yearly ram Faust shows the best contrast of the snow to his brown/black fleece. I so look forward to him covering the flock this next time around and I feel he will bring added dimension to the group.

He has an amazing wool with no crimp at all, a quality that shows off the hair in hair sheep.

As a yearling you can clearly see that the crown of horns he has is going to be very interesting, I am thrilled that his 2 primary horns are fairly balanced and not twisted off in odd directions and shape.

This profile photo shows off his very gentle and pretty face. We are proud of how he is maturing and how sweet his disposition is.
He is so curious and seemingly very smart. This ram is not like any other sheep we have ever owned. Thanks to a great start with a very nice family in Iowa with kids that hung out in the barn all the time.

This also makes him dangerous to appoint as he is not afraid to make physical contact. Too much handling can confuse any hoof stock into thinking humans are equal and what the hoof stock sees as play could mean a hospital visit to you or an unskilled visitor. So a word of caution is always in order. Don't over humanise your hoof stock, they are not dogs so don't expect them to train out like a dog.

Keep in tune for updates and know that you will have the opportunity to have lambs by Faust in your pasture next year.

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