Saturday, February 19, 2011

Yearling Bulls are Growing

Last year we bought a replacement bull that we named Lakota. He is a white yealing highland bull and we are hoping for some very nice calves colorful calves from him over the next few years. It will be next year before he is big enough to do the job but he is growing fast and appears to be a bit larger then Fozzy was at this age.

Fuzzbuttons; son of Fozzy & Eck is growing nicely as well. I feel that he and his sister would fit into a minitures breeding program perfectly as they are very small and seem not to be growing up or out much.

Highland cattle do come i a minture breed but not naturally, they are bred down by crossing them with Dexters and other man made mini's then back to the highland to get the long hair. Not something we are intereste in pursuing due to the long time that it takes to create them from scratch.

Our big challenge now is to find a home for Fozzy which has proven to be a more daunting task then I had expected. Not a huge market in Nebraska for Highland cattle let alone a mature bull. We sure don't need three bulls ontheproperty but that is where we are right now and something needs to change very soon.

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